E-commerce to support these moments of truth; people start buying

Comparing prices on your tablet, reading customer references on social channels, start a whatsapp group to discuss your next holidays, consider buying new shoes; customers have an endless range of options available to make inquiries online about products and services they might need.

All these different channels are not just a cheap alternative for your clientele; visibility and presence are mandatory if you want to engage with them and allow them to transact and buy from you.

An E-commerce platform allows for a great customer experience; makes it easy to find the right product and a special offer, provides a payment procedure that requires a minimum effort (2-3 step checkout), get a confirmation mail with an expected delivery date, download a manual and a quick response to urgent matters.

Your E-commerce platform has a product information system; which products are ‘on sale’ and in stock. Some webshops only have several hundreds of products in store, others might have several thousands or more products, each product with its own description, picture or video, price and manual. Imagine the impact for content owners; adding new products, starting seasonal campaigns with new products, change descriptions and adding the right prices.

Selecting an E-commerce platform requires in depth knowledge, answering a lot of questions about functions and features; it forces you to think about an IT-architecture and system integration with your existing backoffice environment like payment services, warehouse management, logistics and various administrative and reporting functions.

We have done this before and know how to get you there; you tell us what you want and we provide what you need!!