Digital Transformation - your connected world

Digital technology has impacted our societies dramatically in the past 10-15 years and the predictions are that the speed is only going up. The smartphone, introduced in 2007 by Apple, has changed the way we transfer money, the way we purchase consumer goods, how we read newspapers and book our holidays, listen to music and watch video’s.

The big volumes are still taking place in the B2C domain, but B2B is catching up very fast. More than 70% of a sales cycle in B2B is done before a contact with a sales desk or sales person takes place; checking prices, reading valuable content or whitepapers, checking out the competition or ordering samples, it is only one or two clicks away.

Marketing in Motion

This forces you to change the way you communicate with your prospects and customers and to set up your organization in such a way that you provide a great (digital) customer experience. Your marketing department is engaging in a personal way; listen, respond and engage, connect and this process is on going.

Not so long ago these activities were mainly tactical, but these will become a strategical part of your business, enabled by technology; you have to be prepared for these radical changes.

New Value Proposition@work

Sometimes this means you have to go back to the drawing board to check whether your existing businessmodel is still viable; check out your competitors, your value proposition and talk to your customers how you are perceived as a vendor.

Sometimes, just talking to your customers gives you a lot of insights.