Content to create digital dialogues

Digital technologies enable us to quickly and swiftly use all kind of services allowing us to select, choose and buy online, 24/7/365.  These digital transactions are performed by us directly, easily and as smoothly as possible. And, when everything is performing well, we are likely to share our experiences. But if things do not go well, we are even more likely to share our (negative) experiences.

We share these experiences on Twitter or Facebook, with all of our friends. It only takes a few clicks and the whole world is aware of it. Before you know it, a lot of damage is done to your brand and recovering it is not always an easy thing to do. On the other hand, positive feedback can also be shared, leading to new visitors on your website and eventually also new customers.

This is one of the ways how content is created, produced by customers, and read by potential new prospects. Digital technology enables us to offer those prospects also other relevant information, fitting their profiles because we know what they are looking for and we also know where they are located and what they have been searching for in the past.

We provide relevant content to ‘ the connected customer’ based on behavior and needs, without bothering them with information like direct mail messages or push notifications.

The creation, production, distribution and maintenance of relevant content is a full time task and requires careful planning.

Content marketing is an outcome of your digital marketing strategy; what you produce (types of content), for whom (audience) and Why (result driven outcome).

We guide you in the process of creating the strategy and make it operational; once established, you take it forward.