Sales and Marketing organisations ‘going digital’

Technology has enabled us to engage in a completely different way with our audiences; finding information is a matter of using an online search engine and everything you need to know is only a couple of clicks away. Sources like social channels and websites, newsletters, video content or publications from market analysts provide plenty of useful input on any thinkable topic.

Research shows (Forrester, Altimeter Group) that the actual buying process starts once 80% of relevant information has been gathered and only then, direct contact (phone, meeting) is established between client and vendor.

This does not mean that human interaction is no longer important: On the contrary, buyers still insist on human interaction, a personal touch is relevant. So combining a great digital customer experience with human interaction during all stages in the customer journey is vital, both in B2B and B2C.

In short, ‘going digital’ is not about technology only: it is a mindset which impacts your organization and the people working in it. It requires your staff to comprehend customer behavior in the digital era, how for instance, digital marketingtools enable you to work on loyal customers and how to use video content on social channels to create brand awareness.

We have been working in this domain for more than 10 years and love to share our experiences with you.