About Us

We are pragmatic and entrepreneurial people, combining creativity and technology to service your customers in the digital era.

We apply Business Model Canvas (Strategyzer.com) and Lean Startup accounting principles (Source: Eric Ries, The Lean Startup). Design Thinking (Ideo.com) and Service Design is in our DNA and we take you with us in Design Sprints (for prototyping, testing and improving) to verify assumptions in the world where your customers live and work.

As a full service digital agency we define your digital road-map, design great customer experiences and implement proven technologies based on the agile manifesto.

And what about costs?

We estimate up front what our efforts should be to make you happy; so you know what the expected costs and deliverable’s will be. No crazy consultancy rates based on hypes and we do not bring in junior consultants for the price of seniors.

Project information is shared among all team members and each step in the project is documented. You become the owner of every product we develop with you and commitment to deliver is a core value.

How do we make you happy?

You have selected us because you believe that we are good at what we do, not just because we delivered a nice pitch. You also selected us because you want to work with highly skilled people, going the extra mile, and for our attitude.

It gets even better when you consider us as part of your organization while we are working together. Let’s face it; we are in our project together, to make your customers happy; once they are happy, you are happy.